Selva Vida


Selva Vida is a full-service lodge and retreat center that
offers accommodation, a swimming pool, meals, jungle tours, plant
medicine, and transformation programs & retreats.

Comfortable Accommodation & Healthy Meals

There are 10 rooms located in two houses and 3 new standalone bungalows at Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center. All rooms have comfortable furnishing with a double bed a single bed, or all single beds. All rooms have private bathrooms. All room rates are for two guests.

Jungle Tours, Day Trips & Plant Medicine

There are many activities to do in and around Santa Maria, the village where Selva Vida is located. We work with an experienced tour agency to provide all other services such as meals, jungle tours, and transportation. If you’d like to go deeper, we arrange for an experienced shaman who can provide you a transformative plant medicine experience.

Retreats & Transformation Programs

Selva Vida offers a transformation program 4-6 times a year that consists of a 7-day onsite retreat working with medicinal plants, doing workshops, yoga, meditation, and pre-and-post retreat coaching to help you prepare and integrate the transformative experience. We also welcome you to rent our space for your own retreats.


Selva Vida is located in the beautiful village of Santa Maria, one-hour boat ride from Iquitos, the biggest city in the Amazon. The resort is set on a hill overlooking the Amazon river in the front and the Amazon jungle in the back. As soon as you get to Santa Maria, you will feel the peace and tranquility while getting a taste of the Amazonian village life.

​Iquitos is an easy 1.5-hour flight from Lima. There are many flights daily including budget airlines for as low as $85 one-way.

What Customers Say


I recently attended one of Kristina’s retreats at Selva Vida, and it was a transformational experience for me. I cannot say enough good things about the setting itself – a safe, beautiful home with wonderful accommodations, staff, and food. The coaching workshops were full of mind-opening realizations, and the ayahuasca shaman who worked with us was one of the best I have ever been treated by. The jungle tour was so much fun, and even something as simple as the yoga session spoke to me. I have attended many different retreats; however this was my first one of Kristina’s, and I truly believe that it was a breakthrough one for me. For once, I came away feeling lighter and significantly more at peace. If you are looking for an excellent healing retreat in the Peruvian Amazon, I highly recommend attending one at Selva Vida.


I had the opportunity to attend Kristina’s life transformation retreat program in the Amazon. It was one of the most transformational experiences I’ve had the honor of experiencing. I fell and rose in love with the whole thing. The combination of plant medicines with intentional workshops make an excellent recipe for my personal growth. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking for an introduction to the paradigm shift that plant medicines provide. I’m also continuing to enjoy the ongoing coaching follow up. The accommodations were nice and the food was good every day. All the extras of being in the Amazon and additional activities make it an especially magical way to learn about yourself. If you’re still deciding to attend a similar program, just do it! You’ll thank yourself later.