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Transform your Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit at a Retreat Center with Lodging in Santa Maria, Peru

If you haven’t heard of Lima in Peru, you might have heard about the Inca Civilization that thrived here some centuries ago? Not very far from Peru’s capital is the largest city in the Amazon called Iquitos. The distance from Lima to this city can be covered inexpensively by air in under two hours. Visitors with accommodation in Santa Maria, a beautiful scenic village in the Amazon jungle, can take a one-hour boat ride from Iquitos, Peru. It hosts a retreat center with lodging at the jungle’s edge on a hill overlooking the river.

A retreat center with lodging at Santa Maria, Peru

Identifying the ultimate destination for a break from your daily routine can be difficult and frustrating. Everyone desires an ideal vacation within their budget for relaxing and sightseeing. For those who have grown up hearing about the Amazon jungle and how quickly large corporates are deforesting some sections, the sooner you visit, the more chances of seeing some of the endangered species of plants and animals. Make it your priority for a vacation in the near future before it becomes a surreal jungle without any indigenous old trees and wildlife. The perfect location for accommodation in the Amazon jungle would be a retreat center with lodging in Santa Maria, Peru. The weather will be mild because of the Pacific Ocean.

Optimal transformation with alternative medicine from the Amazon jungle

For someone with an interest in progressive education and sustainable development, the lodge at Santa Maria arranges a transformation program held for seven days, around five times a year. The actual duration of the program is three months and starts before you leave for Lima, Peru. The program’s objective is to transform your mind, body, heart, and spirit through a holistic understanding of yourself. Personal development workshops and coaching are mixed with plant medicines and jungle tours to make it a unique experience. Sessions of meditation, and yoga, are also included, along with healthy organic meals. There are usually 8-10 like-minded individuals who will be attending the program with you. The retreat program covers all the transport from Iquitos to the accommodation at the lodge in Santa Maria, Peru, and back.

If you have experimented with magic mushrooms or LSD, the program will take you to the optimal level for making the most of every day in your life. The beauty of this program is that everything from plant medicines to the shaman is genuine. It is best for those who have had a bad trip with acid or mushrooms if you carefully consider the possible outcomes from ingesting these medicines occurring in nature. It’s important to know that all the options take a couple of hours to kick-in and have side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Let’s take a closer look at the natural medicines that will be offered to you during the retreat program –

  • Kambo – It is harvested from the poisonous secretions of the Amazon tree frog. A Kambo ceremony involves making multiple small burns on specific parts of the body and applying the poison to them. Some claim it has beneficial effects, like a better ability to face stressful situations.
  • Ayahuasca – An Amazonian plant mixture for jungle tea that can induce altered states of consciousness.
  • San Pedro – A thin columnar cactus containing mescaline that can leave users feeling relaxed and in control.

Ensure your make the most of your lodging in Santa Maria’s section of the Amazon jungle. Apart from boat rides and trekking, you can take this opportunity to visit Monkey Island, meet a native tribe called the Yaguas, and watch pink and grey river dolphins. As activities, you can enjoy fishing for piranhas, spend time on an alligator farm, take photos of the biggest tree in the Amazon, and more.

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