Selva Vida

About Us

Selva Vida.
Where mind, body, heart, and spirit come together.

Selva Vida is a full service lodge and retreat center in the beautiful Amazon Jungle, outside the city of Iquitos in Peru. Our aim is to provide you a unique and unforgettable experience in nature where you will connect with all parts of you – your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

We do this by providing you comfortable rooms in a beautiful and peaceful environment in nature, delicious and healthy meals cooked with love and organic ingredients from the Amazon, and options to explore the beauty and magic of the jungle with an experienced guide.

We understand that many of you come to the jungle to experience the plant medicines. At Selva Vida, we understand the powers of these medicines and the importance of treating them with respect and reverence. Therefore, we only work with seasoned shamans who can provide you with the best possible experience. Before you come, we work with you to ensure you know as much about the medicines as possible, that you set your intentions, and that you are fully prepared to have a profound experience. Medicines we work with include: Ayahuasca, Kambo, San Pedro, and plant diets. 


Who We Are


Owner | Retreat Leader

Kristina is the owner and founder of Selva Vida and the creator and leader of the Selva Vida Retreat Program. She fell in love with the property when she came to the Amazon jungle for the first time in November 2018 where she spent a week in the property experiencing plant medicine and the magic of the jungle. She had since hosted her own retreat in the property in January 2019 and bought the property in April 2019. Kristina started operating it as Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center from May 2019.

Besides operating Selva Vida and hosting Selva Vida Retreat, Kristina is a mental fitness coach, executive coach, and Doctor of Psychology. Her life’s mission is to help people get in touch with their true selves and live a life that is truly on their terms. She sees Selva Vida fitting perfectly in that mission. By spending time in this beautiful environment, exploring the jungle, eating healthy and delicious meals, doing yoga and meditation, and experiencing plant medicines, she believes we can truly get in touch with all parts of ourselves – mind, body, heart, and spirit. 


Manager | Experienced Tour Guide

Willy is the Manager of Selva Vida who takes care of all the arrangements and coordination of the guests’ needs from making sure the rooms are set up, to the food and cooks are available, to arranging guides and tours. Willy is also a talented builder and contractor who was the lead builder of the main house and maloka at Selva Vida and he continues to oversee the building of additional construction on the property. Willy is also an experienced tour guide with 20 years of experience guiding tours around Peru. 

Willy is an Iquitos native and is familiar with everything around the jungle. Willy left Iquitos to work on a cruise-ship for six years and decided to come back to his roots at the beginning of 2019 to start his tour company and to build and manage Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center.


Resident Experienced Tour Guide

Josias is an expert in all things related to the Amazon jungle around Selva Vida. He is an experienced tour guide speaking fluent English and Spanish.

In addition, Josias is also a an ornithologist (a specialist in birds), a jungle survival trainer, kayak and rafting certificated trainer, and a Kambo practitioner. 

Book a tour with Selva Vida and you will be sure have an amazing time with Josias. He will take you to all the best sights in the jungle and give you all the important and fun facts that will make your trip one of the most memorable of all time.